Break-through direct mail ideas that are unbreakable.

Custom-made crush-proof marketing mailers with a pocket for a gift inside. Use them to demonstrate a strong sales point, for customer appreciation and as door openers for your sales force. There are advertising mailers for any occasion.

Marketing & Advertising Mailers — Beach sand, sea shells and chicken feathers.

To find the best ideas, Creative Mailers takes the details of your message/product/service, and brainstorms the possibilities. If a mailer is chosen, we develop a concept into a one-of-a -kind mail-able package that will surprise your prospects and give you the most valuable item in business – attention.

Surprise Package

Imagine the delight your customers get when they open your advertising mailer and find something unimagined inside.
Something that makes them smile.
And with our fulfillment & list associates, Creative Mailers can arrange every aspect of your mailing.

Radio Advertising

SFX: Sounds of thunder and rain outside as the whir of an electrical generator builds. Igor: Now, master? Mad Doctor: Yes, Igor. Now! Finally, it’s, it’s…aaaa-liiii…SFX: Sound of generator builds high and then a pop and shorts fizzle and the whirring dies to silence. Mad Doctor: iivvvvvveeee…ANNOUNCER: Volt Electric has a 24-hour emergency hotline. Mad Doctor: Give me the number.Igor (slowly): 626 488-9331

ANNOUNCER: A good electrician can be a life saver. Mad Doctor: Again, Igor. Again! Igor: 626 488-9331